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iphone accidents :Mend it right

Having invested a good amount on new iphones; be it, a basic one or a smart phone, a minor accident can ruin the entire money spent, in a fraction of seconds. Mobile phone users all over the world have reported incidents such as; fell on the road from the balcony, drenched in coffee, water spill and soaked, car run over etc.; which is accidental but need a quick fix or else all money is drained.You may have a lot of friends showering you with ideas and hacks on how to repair or recover your iphones at home. Yes, in the immediate event of despair you will not think much but just go ahead and try it all out, but in most cases all in vain!

What you need to know as a consistent cell phone user is that it is always best to get professional help in events of such mishaps. Here is why –

iphone repair is something that looks simple to tech savvy users, but often messed up with minor ignorance and lack of proficiency.If a phone gets drenched by any liquids, chances are that a lot of parts are likely to get damaged especially the motherboard components as well as the non-motherboard components like screen, charging port, battery etc. The latter is general easy to fix whereas, the repair of the former holds a 50/50 chance. The motherboard is likely to be hit the worst as the wiring corrodes and may generate shortages internally.In case of cell phone screen cracks repair, you make see many videos online that can help you fix it without any additional cost, but in cases of iPhone repair; for example, when you slide the blade underneath the screen to lift open it, if the blade is not inserted properly beneath the screen frame (and not the screen glass), you will end up creating more damages to your expensive phones.  

Why trust the professionals when it comes to your cell phone repairs?

These professionals in most cases have been trained by manufacturers directly, and have the expertise of fixing your phone.They can diagnose the extent of damage cause to your cell phone and advice appropriate solutions Moreover, most cell phone repairs are offered warranty for services and replaced components, which is very important to the cell phone users in post accidents cases.