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​                                         COMPUTER REPAIRS

360fixx also perform many computer repairs on a daily basis. We are the best in Atlanta at removing viruses from computers. If your computer is moving slow, bring it to us immediately before it gets worse. Procrastinating getting your computer laptop or desktop repaired in most instances can cause more issues in the long run. A virus attack can and will multiply into many. The thought of a malicious attack from someone in your neighborhood or as far away as another country can be devastating to your personal information. So don't risk it.

Broken laptop screens can be a pain but no worries we can get you back up and running asap. 360fixx has many years of experience replacing screens on laptops such as HP, Dell, Sony, Acer, and many others. Bring in your laptop today to get a quote.

If you are in need of an upgrade come see us today. Upgrades vary from larger hard drives (so you can store more content) to ram which increases your computer's memory which in return allows it to work faster.

Other computer issues handled by 360fixx include: laptop battery replacement, keyboard replacements, new chargers and maintenance upgrades.